Pinterest Perfect Or Meaningful And Fun Parties?

Updated: Feb 12

Meaningful and fun birthday parties can also be charming enough to please our most inner "Pinterestself" (trust me), and I'll give you a few tips on how to organize one for your kids.

1. Choose a Theme

Preferably one that actually means something to your kids (or you as a family). It can be anything, really: favorite lullaby/song/book/cartoon, toys, fruits, animals, colors etc. I'm sure you'll be surprised on how many options you have once you brainstorm.

2. Offer Entertainment

Think about the type of activities children would like to engage in. You can plan and execute those yourself, or hire party entertainment professionals. It's very nice when the entertainment is within the party's theme. For example, Alice's second birthday party theme was "The Dogs of My Life" (read about it here), so we planned a few activities related to this theme.

3. Add Some Decoration

It doesn't have to be super elaborated or fancy, keeping it simple and pretty goes a long way. Try to make it according the theme and maybe include hand made items. You can even think of a crafting project to do with your kids specially for their birthday decor. Be creative! I'm sure they'll love it and have a lot of fun in the process, not only at the party. If you are not a DIY mom, or you just don't have the time, we are here for you! Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

4. What To Serve

Don't loose any sleep over what food you are serving, just make sure you have options that children can grab, eat and go. They really don't care, they just want to play. It's always nice to think of everybody when it comes to food, so maybe have a gluten/nuts/dairy free option.

5. Plan Your Prep Work

Whenever you think you've got it under control, stop right there. You don't. Plan to have everything ready a couple of days before the party. If you have a last minute need you can still run to the store or hire the service you need. Decoration items should be ready for set up the day before and plan to set up at least 4 hours before party starts.

6. Take Photos And Record Videos

You can hire a photographer or use your own camera/cell phone, just have it in hands. It is important, though, that you not only showcase all the fun and meaning involved in it, but also the decoration. There are plenty editing free apps available that you can use to treat your photos later, but my favorite so far is Snapseed. For video editing I suggest FilmoraGo and Quik.

You are all set! Do you think you can pull it off? What is the most complicated step for you, or that you may have trouble with? Let me know in the comments.


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