Hippity Hop Dessert Shop - DIY + Freebies

Updated: Apr 18

This mini dessert table set-up was made using our free bunny printables, store bought cupcakes and DIY cookie decorating kit. The idea was to have fun with Alice decorating the cookies and then enjoy her reaction when she saw so many cupcakes at her reach.

We gathered a few items in the house: our piano bench used as a table, the paper fans were left overs from other parties, toppers and banner were made with printer paper, pom poms and our free bunny printables, as previously mentioned. The only new item was the Low Poly Paper Bunny we made specially for the occasion (you can also DIY).

So this is a little Easter inspiration for you to do using what you have at home. The main purpose is to have fun with your little one!


Houston, TX

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